Gaurav Shinde

Gaurav Shinde

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Gaurav started sailing at the age of 11 after joining the Sea Cadet Corps Training Ship Jawahar in Mumbai, India. He attributes his solid seamanship skills to the time spent at Jawahar and learning sailing from ex-world champions whose keen expertise helped shape him into the sailor he is today.

Inspired by India’s first solo circumnavigator, Dilip Donde, and famous sailor, Sir Robin Knox Johnston, Gaurav joined the 2013/14 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. In 2013, he received the Admiral Ramdas Trophy for offshore sailing from the Yachting Association of India, becoming the first civilian to win the award; it had been won previously by India’s circumnavigators Dilip Donde and Abhilash Tomy.

Making a name for himself by winning two consecutive offshore championships in India, Gaurav has always strived to be the best at what he does. A calculated risk-taker, he’s constantly pushing the envelope of what’s possible when it comes to sailing, often thinking out of the box to sharpen his skills and reach his dream of racing around the world.

An adventurer in the true sense, Gaurav grew up sailing across the Arabian sea, climbing in the Himalayas, and exploring the vast wilderness of India. However, the Golden Globe Race promises to be the coolest thing he has done to date!

In his words: “Many people call this race an adventure; for me, it’s a way to prove myself. I want to inspire the next generation of sailors, encourage them to embrace the adventure, persevere, and commit to a life-long learning experience as a sailor. It’s a legacy I want to leave, and this single-minded pursuit of becoming the very best in sailing continues to drive me to this day.”


Fast Facts (and Personal Achievements):

  •  Joined the sea cadet corps in Mumbai at the age of 11
  • 2013 Admiral Ramdas Trophy winner for Indian Offshore Sailor of the Year
  • Sailed across the Arabian Sea in a 20ft open dinghy Seabird half rater
  • 23+ years of sailing experience

Gaurav's gear of choice: EP Ocean Racing collection

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