Liz Wardley

Liz Wardley

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Liz always has an adventure on the go; it's just the scale of them that varies.

In 2020, she saw the fleet of the Talisker Whisky Challenge—now called The World’s Toughest Row—arrive in Antigua, and the cogs started turning. Having spent most of her professional career preparing and racing other people's ocean racing yachts, it was a surprisingly daunting task to take on her own little rowboat and event. But Liz is up for the challenge. She is excited to try and adapt her lifetime of lessons learnt on the water while fishing and ocean racing to rowing (very slowly) 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean.

 Liz rowing

Entered in the solo category with her 7.2-meter boat 'Tic Tac' (because it looks like a half-eaten Tic Tac) and normally a bit of an adrenaline junkie—racing fast yachts across oceans, foiling wind sports in her spare time and always on the move—this may be the slowest-paced thing she has ever done.

 Liz rowing side view

Fast Facts:

  • Born and raised in Papua New Guinea
  • Fishing is her first love
  • Has raced around the world 3 times
  • Is a kite surfing and wing foiling addict
  • Is new to rowing

Liz in the hatch

Liz’s favourite Mustang Survival Gear:

 Images: Georgia Schofield



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