Bruce Kirkby

Bruce Kirkby

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Break out your Googling skills - Bruce Kirkby’s on the scene...and he has a (well deserved) Wikipedia page.

Known for living life on the edge, Bruce Kirkby is a wilderness writer and adventure photographer recognized for connecting wild places with contemporary issues, whose travels have taken him from the world’s highest mountains to the wildest rivers and driest deserts.

More specifically, with journeys spanning more than eighty countries and thirty years, Kirkby’s accomplishments include the first modern crossing of Arabia’s Empty Quarter by camel, a descent of Ethiopia’s Blue Nile Gorge by raft, a sea kayak traverse of Borneo’s northern coast and a coast-to-coast Icelandic trek.

Bruce Kirkby Mustang Survival ambassador winter paddling

Beyond his professional pursuits, he travels + adventures in pursuit of personal meaning; taking himself and his family offline, out of the daily minutiae to reconnect and remember what really matters (which isn’t the texts and emails it’s so easy to get consumed by).

When he is travelling for work, expeditions and experiences aren’t simply solo; the last three decades he’s spent working as a wilderness guide, bringing curious adventurers beyond the shoreline by leading raft and canoe expeditions in the Canadian Arctic, and exploring warmer waters by kayak in the Carribean.

Bruce Kirkby

Currently focused on pushing the limits of SUP wilderness travel, Bruce frequently finds himself paddling alongside fellow Mustang Survival Ambassador, Norm Hann. Oh, the stories those two must spin while sitting around a campfire between pushes on their boards.

Bruce wears the Hudson Dry Suit and the Khimera PFD for winter paddling

Fast Facts:

  • Home base: Kimberley, BC
  • Proud husband + father of 2
  • Possesses of a degree in Engineering Physics
  • Published in The Globe and Mail, New York Times, Outside magazine and Canadian Geographic
  • Author of 3 bestselling books
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