Live Beyond Land 003: A Story of Heart

Live Beyond Land 003: A Story of Heart

2 minutes

He says there’s nothing special about him.

And yet, for a kid from Toowoomba, in Queensland, Australia, Carl Jocumsen’s making an international name for himself through his love of adventure, his passion for life on the water, and the piece he couldn’t do it all without: his heart.

Chasing a life beyond land takes more than skill; it calls for the willingness to face elements that make most shy away, to be ready to push your limits and seek new corners of coastlines or shorelines, to navigate challenge, and to swallow fear.

Which, in Carl’s words, is all about heart.

It’s gotten him everywhere he’s wanted to go - and then some.

Carl's go-to fishing kit is the Taku Jacket and Bib combo

It carried him overseas to the USA, got him on the competitive angling circuit, connected him with his best friend and love of his life Kayla, and continues to be the driving force behind his ongoing growth and success.

Carl and Kayla Jocumsen

When it comes to charting your own course, and blazing your own path, remember that it’s not about talent or skill - but the drive to explore, to seek, to adventure, to go.

And let that carry you onward to your next journey - and the stories that unfold.

Carl Jocumsen professional Bass fisherman

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