Kayla Jocumsen

Kayla Jocumsen

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Tents and fishing: two things that make up a healthy portion of Kayla’s childhood as a young ‘un in Idaho. Spending more time in a tent or exploring the woods than she did inside, and learning to fish from her parents at a young age, she defined being a nature kid...and has successfully transitioned that passion throughout her life to date. For example: she caught her first American Bass at age 10 and her first Australian Bass at 25.

She’s got a serious case of wanderlust, a natural creative knack, and an openness to try new things - infusing adventure into everything she does and stoking her inner flame with her incredible curiosity.

Whether it’s helping teach others how to properly backup a boat or capturing perfect moments with her camera, Kayla’s dynamic spirit shines through whatever she is doing.

Kayla preparing to paddle
Fast Facts: 
  • Visited 47 states in America before age 26
  • Fished in over 100 lakes across America
  • Hosted Hobies kayak series Magazine front cover
  • Married best friend Carl Jocumsen
  • Traveled across three countries (US, Canada, Australia)
  • New Smokie Mountain resident
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