What are PFAS?

What are PFAS?

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PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are human-made chemicals used widely since the 1940s in everything from non-stick cookware to shampoo; the textile industry represents a small portion of their total use. In clothing—and PFDs— they provide Durable Water Repellence, stain-resistance,  heat-resistance, and other beneficial fabric properties. These properties and their degradation resistance are why PFAS have been popular in marine clothing and safety equipment.  However, as more has become known about these chemicals,  they have garnered attention due to their persistence in the environment.


Why are they considered ‘forever chemicals?’

PFAS molecules have a chain of linked carbon and fluorine atoms which is one of the strongest bonds. The result of this strong bond is that these chemicals don’t easily degrade in the environment.

Are PFAS regulated?

Governments are beginning to regulate the use of PFAS to proactively prevent them from entering air, land, and water at levels that can adversely impact human health and the environment. 

What is Mustang Survival’s commitment to reducing PFAS usage?

We design our products to give wearers the confidence to live beyond land, including a dedication to sustainability and environmental protection. To prioritize the safety of those entrusted with protecting us, certain products may unavoidably contain trace amounts of PFAS due to stringent safety requirements. Nevertheless, we are committed to collaborating closely with our supply chain and material partners to minimize the presence of PFAS in all our products, irrespective of their nature. We acknowledge that the immediate risk to individuals is of utmost importance and recognize the need to strike a balance between this acute concern and the potential long-term health implications. Therefore, our goals at Mustang Survival are to eliminate PFAS from our recreational supply chain by 2025 and additive PFAS from all our products by 2030.

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