At Mustang Survival, we welcome new and innovative ideas for our products and solutions. Everyday people put their lives in our hands by using our products. If you think you have an original invention, meaning that it is new to the market, and you think it can be a part of our products and solutions, please review our New Product Idea Submission Process below. This process provides important details to the conditions involved in our assessment of new ideas.

Download the New Product Disclosure Form.


If you would like to share an idea or invention with us, this document will help you understand how to proceed. The following information details the conditions upon which we may consider your invention.


While our Innovation and Technology department is busy developing our products, we thank you for approaching us with your invention.


If original, your invention will be respected as such. If your invention is not original, there is a good chance that we have seen it before. Original inventions are more likely to provide benefits. The process of determining the category in which your invention belongs is governed by some basic rules to avoid misunderstandings.

Your invention should pass the following tests:

  • It is, or is associated with, a working product. Mustang Survival requires well thought out product and does not use this process for sales promotions and inventions;
  • It is a new invention to the public, industry and Mustang Survival;
  • It would be commercially viable for Mustang Survival.


Mustang Survival ULC. prefers to work with people that have patented, or patent protected, inventions. Please forward a copy of the patent for your invention. 


We would be interested in reviewing your unpatented invention, if you meet the following criteria:

  • You submit a signed New Product Disclosure Form;
  • You submit a detailed written description of your invention that may include photographs or drawings. Your submission should be focused and specific. Prototypes may be sent, on request, at a later date.

Please keep copies of all submissions for yourself.


Qualified Mustang Survival people will evaluate your submission. Please be patient during this period. Mustang Survival assumes no costs at this point in the process.


A signed formal Confidential Disclosure Agreement will be required if Mustang Survival decides to proceed past the evaluation stage. Negotiations will not be conducted until we have received a written Confidential Disclosure Agreement or issued patent.

Mustang Survival assumes no special obligation based on any disclosures. We cannot accept disclosures “in confidence” given the legal ramifications of the term. You must be the owner of the invention to have it considered by Mustang Survival. If younger than nineteen, you must have a parent or guardian sign the Confidential Disclosure Agreement.


  • Mustang Survival may consider your invention, but only at your request.
  • We must be assured that you have full legal rights to the invention.
  • Submission of your invention to Mustang Survival, including a New Product Disclosure Form, does not establish a confidential relationship and we do not assure secrecy.
  • After evaluation, we are not obliged to provide feedback on your submission. We will let you know if your invention interests us. We will not divulge to you any prior related knowledge or knowledge obtained after your submission.
  • Mustang Survival assumes no obligations without a signed Confidential Disclosure Agreement. This agreement would be obtained after a successful evaluation.
  • Submitting your invention to Mustang Survival for evaluation releases no rights to any patent, or patent application, that you hold. Nor is Mustang Survival obligated to you, with respect to your invention, until a formal written agreement is completed.

Thank you for considering Mustang Survival.