Re-arming or Converting Your Inflatable PFD

Re-arming or Converting Your Inflatable PFD

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If your inflatable PFD's Carbon Dioxide (CO2) cartridge has been used during inflation, your PFD will need to be re-armed, meaning a new CO2 cartridge will need to be installed into the inflator mechanism. The videos listed below provide instructions on re-arming your PFD, based on the PFD type you have. You will need to purchase a re-arm kit from your local dealer to complete the installation.




Skip to the re-arm video for your PFD model below:

Automatic & Manual Versions:
Convertible Versions:

MIT 100 & 70 Manual

MIT 100 & 70 Automatic

MIT 70 Automatic

Essentialist Belt Pack

Elite 28


MIT A/M Conversion & Re-arm

MIT 150 A/M

MIT 100 A/M



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