Rallying behind the frontlines; Reflecting on the Gown Project

Rallying behind the frontlines; Reflecting on the Gown Project

It’s in our DNA to support the heroes on our frontlines. 

For over 50 years, Mustang Survival’s been engineering, designing and manufacturing solutions for some of the most demanding users on the water and beyond: from the brave folk flying into space, to the courageous individuals keeping our countries and communities safe every day.  

At the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, a shortage of hospital gown PPE emerged in Canada -  triggering Mustang Survival and our local manufacturing facility to pivot quickly and help service another group of frontline workers—our healthcare heroes. This is how we took what we know about equipment that protects users from the elements, and engineered a workable solution for the incredible humans fighting the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic across Canada. 

Uncertainty can be terribly scary. In this case, it launched us into action. Being able to offer something to the community kept Mustang Survival teams showing up, constantly collaborating, and problem solving on a near-hourly basis to get to The Gown. 

And as restrictions begin to ease here in Canada and folks look to plan new adventures beyond the confines of their local communities, we’ve been reflecting on what incredible focus, fortitude, commitment and courage our frontline heroes have tapped into over the last year. 


From the in-hospital support for incredibly sick individuals to continuing to show up and bring the best care possible to every patient and community member they meet, to all those keeping our communities as healthy, safe and supported as possible, we salute you. 

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