Level 3 Protective Gown

Model: MSG010 / SKU: 62533107601
Community Built Gown A reusable / washable waterproof breathable gown designed to meet level 3 type protection. A 50-year history of developing innovative solutions for both military and public safety professionals provides us with the ability to adjust and pivot our focus on developing a solution to the current shortage of PPE due to the COVID-19 pandemic. k with several types of masks and face shields.


  • 3L waterproof fabric for maximum protection
  • Breathable fabric allows you to move and work while staying comfortable
  • Taped seams enhances waterproof protection
  • Reusable and washable gown keeps waste out of landfills
  • Comfort cuff keeps a snug and comfortable fit
  • Overlapping back for added protection
  • Universal size for ease of use and choice in high pressure situations
  • Inquiry Email: CXTeam@mustangsurvival.com
  • Toll-Free Phone: 1.800.526.0532 // Phone: 360.676.1782

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