Changing the Game

Women are excelling in the marine world - yet have little technical gear to choose from. We are changing that reality and bringing women the gear they want and need to feel better, bolder, and more confident.

Built by Women, For Women

Inspired by female athletes and marine professionals - bold women, passionate about their pursuits on the water and making a name for themselves among their male team and community members - we've put our engineering and design teams to work to bring together our first women's pieces.

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Meet the minds, hearts and hands behind the line.

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Charting our own course

It’s about time women in water sports, marine professions, and adventure can get their hands onto gear that works better, because it fits better, and apparel that performs better because it’s patterned with an ergonomic fit. That’s the perk of technical gear designed and engineered for women, by women - it goes beyond ‘doing the job’; it empowers women leading out onto the water to confidently live beyond land, getting out there in gear made to go to work for them - and not have to be worked around.

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