Mil Spec & Marine Spec Waterproof Breathable Fabrics

Mil Spec & Marine Spec Waterproof Breathable Fabrics

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Mustang Survival has over 55 years of experience building apparel for demanding marine conditions. We keep everyone dry, protected, and comfortable on the water through a careful and deliberate material selection, design, and construction process.  

We work with materials industry leaders to select samples specifically for each new product and its intended use. Then they are submitted to structural and environmental tests—waterproofness, breathability, resistance to oils (diesel, fish, etc.,) durability, and feel—to evaluate their performance in the harshest expected situations to ensure they meet our exceptionally high standards.   

Our design team are experts on marine environments and know where water is most likely to enter a garment; they work to minimize these exposed areas while still allowing the user a full range of movement. Our engineers obsess over the technical details that go into each of our products, including seam construction and leak and pressure tests in our in-house R&D and testing center.  

This entire process culminates in marine apparel that optimizes the wearer's performance on the water.   


Mil Spec 6.5 Fabric with GORE-TEX Technology  

We have been building leading dry solutions for military, coast guard, and water rescue professionals for decades. This expertise, military-grade fabrics, and a focus on maximizing waterproofness, breathability, and durability have allowed us to build the world's driest and toughest performance outerwear.  

Until 2017, only the military, Coast Guard, and public safety products used Mil Spec 6.5 fabric with GORE-TEX technology. The fabric has a weight of 220 gsm; a highly durable abrasion, salt water and UV resistant 70D nylon face fabric; and a nylon tricot backer that provides additional robustness and a comfortable next-to-skin feel. With years of validation in the field, it is now available to recreational users who demand the highest level of protection in the harshest marine environments with our EP 6.5 Ocean collection. 


   Mil Spec Gore-tex drawing

Marine Spec  

Intentionally developed for the rigours of marine use, Marine Spec is highly abrasion, UV, and saltwater resistant. The three levels of Marine Spec (BP, SP, and MP) have unique characteristics for different environments, exposure, and ocean-based activities.  

When choosing the Marine Spec fabric, we tested over 70 breathable materials and evaluated 12 different properties, totaling over 800 material tests, before completing real-world field assessments. The conclusion is Marine Spec is the ultimate combination of waterproofness, durability, and breathability.  

  Marine spec classes diagram

Marine Spec BP   

When the conditions and environment require nothing less than exceptional protection—rugged Marine Spec BP, the most abrasion and puncture-resistant fabric in the Marine Spec family, is the right choice. Modelled on Mil Spec 6.5 Gore-Tex, the Marine Spec BP demonstrates similar characteristics and performance.   

The 70D nylon face fabric is highly durable with abrasion, salt water and UV resistance. The internal bi-component membrane, hydrophilic PU membrane, and PFC-free hydrophobic PU coating provide the most breathable, waterproof, and windproof performance of the Marine Spec range and the nylon tricot backer offers next-to-skin comfort and extends the garment's life.   

With a weight of 195 gsm, the Marine Spec BP fabric keeps wearers comfortable and dry in Mustang Survival’s coastal and offshore apparel and dry suits.   



  Marine Spec BP drawing

Marine Spec SP  

Marine Spec SP is the most versatile fabric in the Marine Spec line. The 3-layer fabric system is waterproof and windproof with exceptional breathability and unparalleled protection. Using the same 70D nylon face fabric as in Marine Spec BP, it is abrasion, salt water and UV resistant. On the inside, the bi-component membrane—which is thinner than in the Marine Spec BP—with hydrophilic PU membrane and PFC-free hydrophobic PU coating is fully waterproof and windproof to keep out the elements while maintaining a high level of breathability. The nylon tricot backer protects the inner membrane and creates more comfort against the wearer's skin. At 180 gsm, it is lighter than Marine Spec BP. But, with the same laminated peel strength, pilling rating, 24-hour launder and tear strength, and similar abrasion and puncture resistance, this fabric makes limited concessions in performance.   

Select Mustang Survival inshore, and coastal apparel use Marine Spec SP.  



 Marine Spec SP drawing 

Marine Spec MP  

At 120 gsm, this is the lightest weight and most breathable fabric in the Marine Spec family; Marine Spec MP has a mechanical stretch that moves with its wearer and provides an unparalleled range of motion. The 3-layer construction is waterproof and windproof with a 50D nylon face fabric and inner monolithic and hydrophilic PU membranes. The nylon tricot backer is comfortable next to the skin and offers additional membrane protection. This fabric features a laminated peel with modest tear strength and puncture resistance, making it a great solution for transitioning through periodic inclement weather conditions.   

Our inshore apparel utilizes Marine Spec MP.  



 Marine Spec MP drawing



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