Wash, Dry, Reapply: How to Care for your Waterproof Apparel

Wash, Dry, Reapply: How to Care for your Waterproof Apparel

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A common misconception about washing your waterproof gear is that it reduces its lifespan—not true! Properly cleaning your Mustang Survival outerwear to remove the detrimental accumulation of sweat, oils, or even champagne helps it last longer, providing more years of protection and performance and reducing waste. 



  • Use a front or top loading washing machine without an agitator.  
  • Before laundering your garment, zip all closures completely, fasten all flaps and straps and loosen any adjuster cords.  
  • Look over your garment and spot-clean any heavy dirt areas with a clean, damp cloth. You can also apply tech wash directly to grease or stubborn stains.  
  • Machine wash on a gentle cycle at a temperature of 104 F (40 C) using a small amount of additive-free mild detergent (avoid stain removers, products containing bleach or fabric softeners.) We recommend using a technical wash made especially for waterproof outerwear.  



  • Tumble dry on a warm, gentle cycle. Do not use fabric softeners, iron, or dry clean.  
  • Note: Removing the jacket from the dryer before fully drying or line-drying may cause a crinkled appearance. The issue is aesthetic only; it does not compromise the waterproofness. 


Callan jacket with beading DWR

Above: The water beading shows fresh DWR (durable water repellant) treatment



After cleaning and drying, you can reapply a DWR coating if the face fabric is not repelling water. This step is unnecessary after every wash, but the DWR coating will wear away after extended use and washing.  

We recommend applying a non-wax and non-silicone based DWR product with spray application. Spray applications are preferred over wash-in types as they are applied only to the face fabric (wash-ins coat all sides of the garment, including the membrane side.)   

  • To re-waterproof your garment, follow the wash instructions above.  
  • Before drying, use a spray-on waterproofer to evenly spray the whole garment, working from the middle to the edges. (Follow the instructions on the product.)   
  • You can apply extra waterproofing to areas more likely to wet out, such as the shoulders. Make sure not to miss seams and awkward spots like elbows.  
  • Use a clean cloth to remove any excess liquid before drying.   
  • Activate the waterproofer in the dryer. Follow the product label; a suggested guideline is to dry for 20 minutes on air dry or low heat to restore the repellency. You want to ensure your jacket is fully dry before removing it from the dryer; use 5-minute increments for additional dry time if needed.

Taking the time to care for your technical gear this way will extend its life—and the number of adventures you can have! 

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Photo Credits: James Tomlinson, Alvaro Sanchis

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