Official Technical Clothing Partner of the U.S. SailGP Team

Official Technical Clothing Partner of the U.S. SailGP Team

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In an exciting new partnership in the sailing space, as of April 2021, we’ve joined the U.S. SailGP Team as the official technical clothing partner. 

Known for our innovative solutions for the most demanding marine environments, we’ll provide the technical apparel to give the American team a competitive edge in the intense environment of SailGP — a new global series racing gravity-defying, foiling catamarans at speeds in excess of 60 mph for the chance to win $1 million. In their words: SailGP is racing redefined.  

Photo: Ugo Fonolla for SailGP

Established in 2018 and headquartered in London and New York, SailGP is an annual, global sports championship featuring bold, cutting-edge technology and awe-inspiring athleticism. The fan-centric, inshore racing that’s powered by nature takes place in some of the most iconic harbors around the globe, culminating in a winner-takes-all match race. Rival national teams battle it out in identical supercharged F50 catamarans, engineered for intense racing at electrifying speeds exceeding 50 knots (nearly 60 mph/100 kph). 

“Our F50 catamaran is an incredible piece of precise engineering that uses cutting edge technology to achieve some of the fastest speeds ever recorded by a sailboat,” says U.S. Team CEO and helmsman Jimmy Spithill. “We’re excited to partner with a brand like Mustang Survival whose trusted reputation by marine professionals who depend on their products daily, will help provide the protection our team will need to allow them to fully focus on their task at hand – winning races”.  

Photo: Ugo Fonolla for SailGP

The United States SailGP Team is the American entry into SailGP, composed of some of the sport's most talented professional athletes and this year features several new names including Daniela Moroz and CJ Perez. Both athletes join the roster as the top-selections from the team’s open application process for American female athletes, a search that began in February as part of the league’s commitment to helping create an inclusive future for the sport. 

Led by champion Jimmy Spithill, the U.S. SailGP Team will compete against seven teams from Australia, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand and Spain; all leveraging unmatched physical and mental athleticism and promising to deliver incredible excitement for fans around the world. 

Our 50+ years of providing life-saving solutions through constant innovation and inspired technical solutions will only get amplified and expanded through this partnership - knowing we’ll learn much from the pros taking Mustang Survival on deck through the SailGP races. 

Photo: Matt Knighton for SailGP

“We are committed to helping protect those who push their limits in marine environments. We know US SailGP will take our products to those limits, and we’ll be there as a side-kick every step of the way,” said Josh Horoshok, VP of Recreation at Mustang Survival. “Our technical apparel line continues to grow and expand in the sailing space, and with the U.S. SailGP Team putting our gear to the test and providing feedback, we’ll continue to drive innovation forward in all of our technical products.” 

Pushing limits may be an understatement for what teams—and the gear they don—will face in the upcoming second season of the SailGP series.  

SailGP Season 2 will feature the eight national teams led by the sport’s top athletes racing at eight events across three continents. The season begins April 24 and 25 at the Bermuda Grand Prix, presented by Hamilton Princess. 

Photo: Dani Devine for SailGP

With a new, modular wing system for the F50 set to debut with the season commencement, the wind limit for the competition is expected to increase significantly; meaning teams can expect to face some racecourses with significant wave heights and top end conditions while racing across the ocean at highway speeds. The U.S. SailGP Team will test the apparel in these conditions, and work alongside Mustang Survival designers to refine existing designs and develop custom apparel solutions that best protect the team’s sailing and support crews on the water. 

“We see our partnership with Mustang Survival as a strategic advantage,” said Spithill. “When you operate in an environment where split-second decision making can win or lose a race, you need to have the utmost confidence in your equipment. Mustang Survival has earned the trust of the best military and rescue teams in the world. That is the ultimate endorsement and we’re excited to have them onboard with us.” 

We couldn’t be more excited to be on board with the team. Meet the team here!

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