Endless Summer Memories

Endless Summer Memories

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West Coast Vibes. Listening to the sounds of the waves crashing onto the beach. The kids playing in the sand and building sand castles for endless hours. Watching the sun go down, and catching waves into the sunset. Cooking yummy dinners and sharing stories around the campfire. Sleeping under the stars. Stepping out into the great outdoors, embracing the moments with family and friends.

These days—more than ever—I believe we need to take the time to step away, turn off the screens, leave the cell phones behind and simply be in the moment.

To make nature our entertainment, get back to our roots, let go of everyday life, find peace in our natural surroundings and share those values and importance with our children.

mother and young son on paddle board on river

For many years now, the west coast of Vancouver Island has been that destination for our family and friends.

family paddling on SUP's along the river North Vancovuer island

Its endless and remote coastlines, beautiful beaches and surf, ancient and rugged rainforest, rich in sea life a true abundance of pure wilderness has pulled us back year after year, and time after time.

young boy sitting on his SUP as he moves down river

Children and youth PFD's 

This summer, we saw ourselves back at Raft Cove Provincial Park on the North West part of the island, just south of the historic Cape Scott.

One of the many special places on the island, the Cove is one of my and families favorites and deserves the highest respect by all that go there. Get ready for pack it in, pack it out camping-beach-life.

packing up paddle sboars on the beach for next day's adventure

The journey starts with a 4 to 6 hour drive north from the ferry at Nanaimo - on roads that transition from paved to gravel.

While you can hike in, we love to paddle the majestic Macjack river; a 7km trek up a river which goes in and out with the tides, and takes you out to the river mouth and the white sandy beaches of the magical bay of Raft Cove.

Raft Cove, North Vancouver Island BC

No roads. No cell service. Just nature at its finest; crabs and fish swim under your boards as you paddle out in the clear blue water, birds soar around in all directions, quiet and so peaceful.

Everyone happy and content all day long, digging and playing in the sand building sandcastles, swimming and catching waves, sharing stories over the camp fires. Nothing beats getting back to Nature. 

sunset silhouette of family standing on a drift log on the beach

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