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FX Gagnon

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An adventure guide who has been—in his words—chiseled by water, FX (full name: Francois-Xavier) Gagnon has 20+ years’ experience guiding groups in kayaking + mountain sports.

Hailing from the dynamic landscape of the Laurentians in Quebec, Canada, the Gagnon family camp was where water came into FX’s world; learning to canoe and fish with his grandfather at a young age. Those early days in the canoe—coupled with some kind coaching from dedicated Boy Scout leaders—took FX into wilder waters, with whitewater kayaking becoming his primary sport.

His love for the rapids ran so deep he started his own whitewater kayaking instructional business - at age 17. Taking guests on the infamous Red River, he spent every weekend and all of his freetime out on the water - even between classes at college. He even brought his kayak into a classroom once because he didn’t want to leave it on his car while in class. That’s dedication.

kayaker paddling off the west coast of Canada

Whitewater kayaking led to a passion for even more adventure as he moved West to Vancouver’s North Shore; joining the Lions Bay Search and Rescue team, leading the remote canyon and swiftwater rescue teams. And, approaching a burgeoning activity with endless curiosity - canyoning.

swift water canyon rescue training in squamish BC

 As the only certified Canyoning Adventures Operator on the West Coast of Canada, FX leads the way in exploring new swift water canyons - and offering an incredibly diverse way his expedition guests can explore the many marine environments here on the coast.

The intent? Empowerment - and to support curious adventurers in transcending their fears and barriers...safely, of course.

canyon guide sorting gear on wet rocks

 Fast Facts:

  • Quebec born, living on Canada’s West Coast in North Vancouver, BC
  • Owner - West Coast Educational Adventures
  • Certified Canyoning Adventures Operator
  • Search and Rescue Team Leader
  • Organized Avalanche Rescue Team Leader
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