Celeste Brooke-Landon

Celeste Brooke-Landon

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From the coast of British Columbia to the Rocky Mountains of southern Alberta, it’s genuine curiosity, sheer determination, and a kind social nature that have helped Celeste Brooke-Landon (who goes by Brooke), sail to and through all the places she’s wanted to go so far.

An active youth growing up on Canada’s West Coast, Brooke's biggest passion was for horses. Backed by innate tenacity and fearlessness, problem horses in the English show jumping world became her specialty; getting put on horses no one else could ride and turning ‘hayburners’ into champion winning show jumpers, and making quite the name for herself while she was at it.

Celeste Brooke-Landon horsing around

Eventually her love of horses and dreams of the foothills of Alberta took her into the world of ranching and a 13-year journey in the cattle industry. Working on a predator-livestock management project tracking wolves and grizzly bears through the lower Kananaskis ranching communities on horseback inspired her to return to school to study Environmental Science.

Celeste Brooke-Landon in the wild

In a big pivot that had her drawn back to the magnetic nature of the sea, two years ago—and somewhat serendipitously—she moved aboard a 38ft sailboat with a stranger who would later become her partner...and they’ve been living aboard ever since. Falling fast for a life beyond land, her vision for the future still involves pursuing work in the environmental field, yet this time she’s aiming to pair it with sailing. In the meantime? She’s telling the story of what it’s really like to live on board a sailboat - and sharing a behind the scenes look at what makes life beyond land one to explore.

  Celeste Brooke-Landon fishing from her sail boat

Fast Facts:

  • 5+ years experience in the environmental field
  • 2+ years living aboard a 38-foot sailboat with her partner + their Husky
  • Co-led the organization + field operations for a wildland reclamation project between Banff and Lake Louise, the largest project of its kind to ever be completed in a park in Canada
  • Works for Vitae Environmental Construction LTD out of Pincher Creek, Alberta
  • Follow Brooke's adventures 
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