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A healthy number of angler’s stories start with family; trips to local lakes to partake in a hobby passed down through the generations. Not Ashley Rae; it was straight curiosity and a generous introduction to the world of angling from a family friend that sparked her love for fishing.

And now, a life filled with time on the water, and reasons to get beyond the shoreline; spending her days year round seeking ways to land anything with a fin.


Ashley is a full time, multi-species angler residing in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. A unique twist to being a multi-season fishers and a resident of the Great White North? Her days fishing from her boat, kayak and the shore are complemented by ice fishing in the winter months.

If you’re wondering: no, not all Canadians know how to ice fish….only the lucky ones do.

The act/art of fishing is only half of Ashley’s passion about the sport; storytelling about her adventures and inspiring others in their own journeys beyond the shoreline is the other. In 2009, Ashley started a blog to document her experience. Since then, her reach has grown beyond her personal site and her home country; now writing for international publications and websites. More recently, she’s expanded that storytelling into the wide world of video; launching a YouTube channel, co-creating various video projects and appearing on TV shows across a bevy of networks.


A generous guide keen to welcome anyone aboard her boat for fishing trips, she’s also out to get more women on the water; hosting events aimed at elevating skills and confidence for women interested in carving out their own space in the sport.

Fast Facts:

  • Appearances on top TV shows on the World Fishing Network
  • 2016: named a “Game Changer” and “one of 11 outdoorswomen transforming the face of hunting and fishing” by Field & Stream Magazine
  • 2018: won the FLW Canada Cup bass fishing tournament on the Bay of Quinte w/ friend Erik Luzak
  • Went on to represent Canada at the FLW Costa Championship on Lake Guntersville in Alabama, USA.
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