Annie Nagel

Annie Nagel

Annie’s been fiercely proving she could do anything her older brother did since their youth in Sonoma, California. From racing to see who could touch the family car first or dominating a game of kickball, Annie’s competitive edge grew from her sibling rivalry. However, it wasn’t until she had a severe car crash that she applied that same focus to fishing.

annie nagel fishing

Falling into the world of water post-recovery, she discovered a sense of belonging. And, a place where she could still be tenacious and successful...once again, beating the boys. Fishing gives Annie freedom and inner peace, whether she is being pulled around by a 60 lb sturgeon in her 13 foot kayak, or just soaking up her surroundings. In her eyes, it’s all an active mediation.

annie nagel with a recently caught fish

Her independent and determined character drives her. Her inclusive and innovative nature is a warm welcome to everyone she meets. A top competitor in her field, Annie’s also passionate about giving back; founding the Fish Like A Girl Competition as one of those outlets.

annie nagel testing the waters
  • Fought and landed over 90 species of fish
  • Crowned champion of the 2017 Crabfest kayak fishing tournament with the largest dungeness crab
  • Featured on Angler West TV fishing for smallmouth bass
  • Hosting the Fish Like a Girl kayak fishing tournament aimed at getting more women on the water
  • Dove down 68 feet in 56 degree water on one breath
  • Made unfathomable memories with the raddest friends I gained through the sport