Riley Kolich

Riley Kolich

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It all started with a tug at the end of her line. Since that first experience as a child, Riley's love for fishing blossomed. Moving around a lot as a child and throughout her teen years, only one thing remained constant, a passion for fishing. She started out fishing for trout and shore stomping along California Sierra Nevada's backcountry trails. Then, while living in Texas, she discovered a new love, the Largemouth Bass.

After that, Riley began passionately pursuing all things bass fishing in search of adventure. Under her belt, she has:

  • dozens of trophy class smallmouth bass from the upper Midwest east to Lake Champlain
  • giant largemouth bass from Clear Lake, California, to the James River system in Virginia
  • migrating striped bass from the east coast outside of New York City and the landlocked populations across the country
  • spotted bass in both their native range in the "south" and throughout the United States into California

Currently, she travels ten months out of the year, documenting her journey and sharing it on several social media platforms. She continues to explore the world through fishing, targeting many species and embracing the regional cultures throughout the continent. Fishing was the activity that pushed her out of her comfort zone to experience the rest that life offers, and it's something that has allowed her to connect with her audience and resonate with them on a personal level. 

Follow her on YouTube and Instagram in 2022 as she adds competing on the Bassmaster Opens as a Co-Angler to her documented travel resume.


Fast Facts (and Personal Achievements):

  • Discovered her passion for Largemouth Bass fishing as a kid in Texas
  • Travels 10 months of the year and documents her adventures on social media
  • Has fished bass from coast-to-coast in the USA
  • Will be a Co-Angler competing on the Bassmaster Opens in 2022

 Riley's gear of choice: Elite 28 Hydrostatic PFD & Taku collection

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