Highschool sweethearts with 30 years together under their belts, Chris and Kelly Hollingsworth define ‘lifelong adventure buddies’.

Both come from athletic backgrounds:Kelly a highschool cheerleader who spent downtime keeping up with her brother playing outdoor sports, fishing and camping; Chris a multi-sport-pursuing teen, sponsored snowboarder and self-taught fly fisher and overall loved the outdoors.

Since graduating highschool and forming a life together spanning three decades, they’ve continued to define their days, and their family values, by an appreciation for and ability to thrive in the outdoors.

Together, they’ve done more than most people dream. They’ve raised six children, each with their own love for the outdoors, and all with the passion of exploring and adventuring as a family. Chris fostered this by becoming a scout master of their local troop, and together with Kelly, took the group on hundreds of activities; climbing Half Dome, teaching them all to fish, dive, and paddle stand out as highlights.


Today, they’re paddling their way into more adventures; bass fishing from their stand up paddle boards and kayaks both recreationally and in some tournament settings. More than anything, they’re out to create lasting connections and relationships in the paddling and fishing industries, with plans to create programs to properly educate new young anglers.

They’re a team, through and through. And we can’t wait to see what they get up to as Mustang Survival Ambassador Crew members.


Fast Facts:

  • Chris and Kelly live in Northern California next to an amazing Largemouth bass fishery
  • One of Kelly’s favourite hobbies today is making meals she’s fished and foraged for herself
  • They’ve raised 5 boys and 1 girl
  • Chris has been an event announcer for the past 15 years, announcing the Santa Cruz Paddlefest, Jay Race in Capitola, Tahoe Nalu, events for Iron Man, and more.